Writing Tips

Advice abounds when it comes to the subject of how to write well, and burgeoning writers can fall prey to every fuss-budget with a stand and a tin can full of nickels.  Just write.  Write some more.  Keep writing.  When you aren't writing, read.  You'll learn how to write reasonably well without even trying.  One day, you'll be proofing a piece you think is perfect and realize it's kind of crappy. That's when some of these tips might come in handy.

I don't think that writing has actual rules but there are tricks of the trade that will keep your work from ending up in the recycling box.  The list below is a good place to start. (Tip #1:  Don't actually put those awful scribbles in the recycles. A small misjudgement on your part could end up being a retirement fund for Joe, the guy that separates fine paper from box board).

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